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Try the tool that can put an end to frustrating searching in Google Drive or Dropbox, constant file requests from colleagues and partners, and needing to download everything before you can share it. 


"You guys might as well be wearing capes, because you're heroes around here."


Sarah Badger
Global Content and Community Manager
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Is there a catch?

Nope. We don't do funny business. You'll get access to a real, live Image Relay account (not just a demo environment). If you want to upgrade to a paid account, all the content you added during the trial stays where you put it. No credit card is required. We only ask for a business email address to get started. 

Will you share or sell my information?

NO! No way. Your information is private and we would never share it. We will send you information about Image Relay and managing content from time to time but you can opt out anytime you want. You can read more about it in our privacy policy here.

Does the free trial have limits?

Yes. Storage is limited to 10GB. Some of our advanced features are not activated in the trial. If you want to give Image Relay a harder test, please reach out to us and we can turn on additional features. 

Can I extend my trial?

We know that things come up and you might not have time for a free trial at the moment. Please let us know and we can extend it for the time you need. 

Where is Image Relay located?

So glad you asked! We're a fully remote team spread throughout the U.S. but we started in and maintain a headquarters in Vermont. If you want to talk flannel and maple syrup, we're happy to chat any time.